Ancona ducks at the Art Farm

Ancona ducks (and one goose) at Splendid Toad Art Farm 2010

Rainbow of babies

Rainbow of babies

ancona ducks march 2013

Ancona lineup

Ancona lineup

Ancona flock.

There is one crested overmarked hen I keep in the flock – that’s Kateri and she’s here for life. She’s a great friend to any new birds, and a wonderful broody. I don’t want to pass her heavy markings or crest on to babies though, so I don’t send out or hatch her eggs. But she comes when you call her name.

“The Ancona is a hardy, adaptable, all-purpose duck. It is an excellent layer, typically laying 210-280 white, cream, or blue eggs yearly. The Ancona also grows relatively quickly, and produces high quality meat that is more flavorful and less fatty than that of most Pekin ducks. Anconas are well suited for situations where they can forage for some of their food and are capable of eating large “banana” slugs. “They make excellent pond or yard ducks since they tend to stay close to home, do not fly under normal conditions and are large enough so that they are less likely to be preyed upon by winged predators. Typically they have moderately calm temperaments and make fine pets.” (Holderread 2001, 52)

ancona ducks march 2013

Into the pool with mama - summer 2013

Into the pool with mama – summer 2013

Splendid Toad Art Farm has been home to a flock of Ancona ducks since 2010. They lay large, cream-colored or mint-green eggs. They keep the pond clear of algae, and happily devour flies, beetles, worms, and grubs. They will hatch eggs if given the opportunity to sit on the nest.

The Art Farm flock is composed of birds selected for temperament, health, nesting instinct, and laying ability. Naturally the hallmark of the Ancona is the splashy coloration, but the best-marked Ancona is no good if it has a poor temperament or fragile health.

Nesting mamas

Marlene and Mae on the nest and in no mood for shenanigans

mama-hatched, summer 2013

mama-hatched, summer 2013

As a flock they tend toward being mild-mannered. The birds don’t enjoy being picked up, but will tolerate being handled without panicking.┬áNew birds are accepted into the flock without drama, drakes usually get along, and there have been no human-aggressive drakes in the line. Of course, nesting mothers get a pass for being snappish.

black, lavender, and black baby

black hen, lavender hen, and black day-old duckling

Mama with babies, summer 2013

Mama with babies, summer 2013

Anconas come in a variety of different colors – black, chocolate, blue, silver, lavender, lilac, and tricolor. Occasionally they also exhibit mallard, pencilled, blue fawn, or dusky coloration. Perhaps 1% of the time, one may hatch solid white. Ideal markings are asymmetrical, the wilder the better.


two black, two chocolate, one blue, and one lavender.


Eggs are nearly always for sale, for eating or hatching. Eating eggs are $5 per dozen and can be picked up locally. Hatching eggs are $3 apiece, minimum 6, and can be shipped for $10 per box. 20 eggs can fit in a box. I rinse each egg with warm water, dry them carefully, and wrap them individually in bubble wrap. They are shipped in a Priority Mail box. Fertility has been consistently well above 80%.

Adult birds are for sale from time to time, and ducklings a few times per year, picked up locally. Babies are ‘tentatively sexed’, which means I check them each a couple times and if a penis pops out it’s a boy for sure – that’s all I can guarantee. Sometimes I have stealth boys that don’t show their true sex until their voices change.


Please email kim at toadbriar dot com to buy eggs or birds


  1. Kelly Dennison

    I am interested in ordering 8 ancona duck eggs for hatching. I have raised chickens and ducks before but never hatched them out myself. I am ordering an automatic turning style incubator today that will hold up to 8 duck eggs. When do you typically mail them out? I live in Calais, Vermont (just outside of Montpelier). Would it be possible to send them around the first week of April?

    Thank you,
    Kelly Dennison

    • Kelly, yes that should be great. 5/12 of my hens have begun laying (starting the last week of Feb) so by the end of the month they’ll all be in the swing of things for sure. I usually put in extras to guard against breakage, though I wrap them individually and seldom have a problem. I’ll email you privately – and thanks!

  2. I would be interested in ordering a dozen eggs for hatching. I am putting my first batch in the incubator this week, so cannot try another batch until April 22nd or after. Could you email me and let me know if you would have eggs available then.


  3. Hi, we are interested in ancona hatching eggs and need a delivery date after April 22. We were wondering if eggs would be available and how the eggs would travel to Missouri (if you have shipped them over long distances).
    Thank you

    • Lisa I’ve got a pretty good method for packing and shipping via USPS Priority Mail. I’ve sent eggs from MA to OR with success, and lots of places in between :) After Apr 22 is no problem. I ship a minimum of six @ $3 per egg, and ask $10 for shipping. I can fit as many as 20 in a box. I tend to put in extras. I ship on Mon/Tues so they don’t spend a weekend in transit. Do contact me when you’re ready – either through the site or directly by email, via kim at t o a d b r i a r. com :)

  4. So my wife and I are interested in acquiring some more Ancona ducks. We currently have two females, a black and a chocolate. We did have a blue but she was unfortunately killed by a predator last month. We are looking to not only replace her, but to add some more to our flock. I don’t have an incubator so I am curious what the price is for ducklings. If this is not available I can just as easily put one together quickly. I am also curious about the colors available. I would love a variety of colors but I am especially looking for a silver or blue drake. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi Matt! I don’t ship live birds, but if you came to pick some up they’d be $8 for babies, and adults are variable. I’ve got blue, silver, lavender and lilac in my flock this year. One blue drake and three black ones, and several hens of each color. Lavender and lilac are just blue and silver over chocolate, instead of black. Blue is 1 copy of the blue gene, silver is 2 copies. So a silver or lilac bird will pass a blue gene to each offspring. I’m happy to sell eggs – nothing beats hatching Anconas, the suspense and excitement to see the colors and patterns is unmatched :) But I might know someone who has a drake for sale, so I’m going to message you privately. Thanks!

  5. We were interested in adding some ducks to our flock and were wondering if you have any young ducklings available.

  6. My daughter needs to increase her very much loved flock.
    I am looking for a batch of ducklings for a birthday present but waited too long, Most hatchery ducks are molting, as are ours. Do you have any fertile eggs available?

  7. Do you send ducklings or hatching eggs to Canada? I have looked into importing and it is definitely doable asking as the seller/sender is willing. Do you have any ducklings or hatching eggs available still?
    Thank you
    Dani Wendel

    • Hey Dani! I have to look up cross-border poultry regs, and see what kind of delays there are. I ship artwork to Canada often but only first class. It wouldn’t be a safe bet this time of year for shipping eggs though, it’s incubator temps just in the vehicles.

  8. Mary Anne Wolfrey

    Hi…I had 2 Anconas females and lost them to a fox attack. The ones I have were white with a greyish shading, laid green eggs and brought me many hours of joy. I miss them dearly and would love some more. Can I buy all green hatching eggs?

  9. Hello,

    I currently have 2 females and 1 male black Ancona but I would love to add a couple more females. Mine are currently 3 months old. Do you have any females around that age?

  10. Hi, I would like to add some more females to my flock of ducks (I have 3 drakes and 6 hens–5 Pekins, 2 Buff Orpington & 2 Indian Runner). Do you have any 4 or 5 month old females available?

    I live in Barre, so I could pick them up any time if you have any for sale.

    Thanks, Nel

    • Nel, I’ll be going through the flock this week to see what I’m keeping, I’ll drop you an email to let you know what I’ve got.

  11. What temperature and humidity is best for these eggs to hatch during incubation? And what should I raised them to the last few days?

    • Derek, your temp throughout the incubator should be 99.5*F. I don’t monitor the humidity except when they’re due to hatch – I candle every few days to make sure the air cells are on schedule, as seen here: and adjust the humidity accordingly to make sure the air cells are correct. On day 25 I boost the humidity to about 80%, or as high as it can be without fogging the incubator viewing window. The window will fog a little when a baby hatches, but that’s alright.

  12. Hi!
    I’m very interested in your ducks. What ducks do you have left for sale?

  13. Hello,

    We are looking for a few female anconas and one male if available. Just found your ad on Craigslist advertising different ages (posted last month I think). We like the chocolates best, but are interested in any color.

    Oh and we are in Warner, NH. Just north of Concord.

    Thanks so much,

  14. Hi,

    I’m interested in at least 2 female Ancona’s, At this point I don’t really care what age. I was hoping to keep my flock around the same age but it shouldn’t be a problem to add a couple females of any age. If you have any that I could pick up this weekend, please let me know.
    Thanks so much! :)

  15. Hi,
    My husband and I are interested in some ancona ducks. I think he’d like to talk to you about them first on the phone if possible.
    Do you have any stock available at this time? We’re in Shelburne Falls which is probably about 90 min away.
    We could take a ride on a Sat or Sun.
    Linda B.

  16. I am interested in purchasing Ducks, ducklings or hatching eggs. My daughter and I fell in love with the breed last year and have started a small breeding flock and would love to add another bloodline before the spring! What color eggs do your girls lay?


    • Most of my girls lay cream colored eggs, I’ve got one green layer but might have more when this summer’s ducklings start laying. Where are your birds from, and are you in New England? I ship eggs, but live birds have to be picked up here in MA. Have you got pics of your birds online? I’d love to see them!

      • My initial pair was from Coyote Nights Dave Holderread’s anconas. Then I hatched eggs earlier this year from worth it farms stock. I would love to order hatching eggs from you with as many fresh ones as you can send from your green layer.

  17. Are you still getting good fertility this late in the season to send hatching eggs? The last hatch I ordered from someone else was bad, nine of twelve showed clear/no development and 3 hatched. I’d love to hatch some anconas from you, especially from those green eggs!!

  18. Any fertile hatching eggs for sale?

  19. I would like to buy 10 fertile hatching eggs with as many cream and green eggs as you can get. Shipped to Virginia 23323.

    Erica :)

    • I’ll email you, thanks!

      • I didn’t get an email, so I’m sending a reminder. I would like to order fertile hatching eggs asap.


        • Yeah it came back undeliverable! I’ve got juvies growing out and adults in molt, I’m not getting many eggs right now and I only have one green egg layer (unless a young girl got the gene.) Celtic Oaks Farm has nice Anconas I think, if you don’t want to wait for mine.

  20. I have emailed celtic oaks and am waiting to see if they are getting fertile eggs now. I am still interested in eggs from you. Once you are getting fertile eggs again I would definitely place an order if you just let me know via email you have them. My ratio is off so I am trying to get a few more girls from another blood line added before spring/summer.

  21. Hi, We would love to order some hatching eggs from you in the spring of next year (2014), specifically from your green duck. How do we go about that?

  22. PS We have a pair of American Buff geese as well.

  23. Any update on fertile eggs?

    • Erika! My keepers this fall are older ladies and brand-new layers who will start in the spring. I’m gonna have to buy eggs for eggnog, too :( But my next generation will be STUNNING!

      • I tried to message you on BYC as well. As soon as you have any fertile hatching eggs, I would love to buy some!

        Thank you!

  24. Do you have a wait list you are contacting customers from or is their a certain month you want me to check back about hatching eggs?

    • Hi Erica! I’ll be contacting people in late February/Early March to schedule egg shipments. I’ll be contacting everyone who contacted me here or by email :)

      • We’re interested in fertile eggs for this spring as we have an incubator that someone is loaning to our center. We’re interested having Anconas for education and conservation. You’re green laying girls sounds interesting! Thank you.

  25. Hello, do you have any Ancona hatching eggs available at the moment? I’m interested in 10. Thank you!

  26. Hi Kim,
    I would like to purchase 4 ducklings, please.
    Our home # is xxxxxx.
    Andrea Rhodes

  27. Hi, I was wondering where you are located so I know if I could drive or if I would need some shipped. Thank you (:

  28. Christine Richards

    I am interested in purchasing 6 Ancona duck eggs for hatching. Please add me to your waiting list. I would be able to come pick them up on a weekend once they are available.

  29. Hello, I’d like to order eggs or ducklings. I’m not sure which. I do not currently have an incubator…so I am leaning towards ducklings. I live in mid-coast Maine and can come down to MA if need be. I’d like to start a small flock for egg production on my farm…I was thinking about 20 would be a good number. Any advice on numbers of ducks would be appreciated. We have both barn space and an outdoor shelter space great for ducks! Thanks so much.

    • Hi Arlene! I hope to have ducklings beginning in early April, and through the summer. More important than the number of birds in your flock, is to have a proper ratio of males to females. 1:3 is minimum, ideally. More males means fighting, and internal or external injuries to hens from over-mating. You can have more than 3 females per drake, and the only problem would be if you’re breeding for fertile eggs and you have so many hens that your boys can’t cover all of them. But after keeping ducks for a few years, honestly… that would have to be a LOT of females. I can contact you when I have set eggs in the incubator. Picking up in person is nice – you have some degree of choice regarding the birds you choose, you can see the parent flock, and your birds won’t be subject to the whims of the postal service. I’m in Winchendon MA.

  30. Hi I had contacted you last summer and now I am getting ready to have ducks in the spring. I have wintered chickens and now know I love my birds. I would like to visit you and talk about buying some ducks or ducklings. My children were in 4-H and my son was very interested in color genetics with both Holsteins and Milking Shorthorns. It is the color patterns and variety that appeals to me on the Anconas. I understand they have good temperaments and are social. I would like to learn more about the colors do you have any reference reading to recommend?

    Thank you for all and any help.

    • Hi Diane! Isn’t it great to make plans for spring? I highly recommend Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks – it was revised in 2011 with up-to-date accurate information, especially regarding the Ancona. You can almost certainly get it through your library, but if you decide to buy it (and you probably will) – be sure to get the recently revised edition. Dave Holderread is the author, he’s highly respected in waterfowl breeding, and he’s the man who discovered/rebuilt the Ancona breed, so you won’t find a better authority. The book overall is a necessary resource for anyone keeping and raising ducks. It covers the color and marking genetics of all the domestic breeds, and covers everything you’d need to know for health, care, nutrition, behavior, breeding, etc. In the meantime, here’s the website of a fellow breeder who shows examples of the colors available in the Ancona breed: And here is an online duck color calculator that is fun to play with: If you’re on Facebook, the Ancona Ducks group is active and interesting:
      Best of luck and enjoy!

  31. hI

    I live in the Uk but cant find any Ancona ducks/hatching eggs anywhere excoet in the US.
    Do you ever ship over here and if so how much would it be please?

    Many thanks

  32. I am looking for colored Ancona eggs. We have done a good job breeding for markings and temperament, but in the process I guess we lost the colored egg gene. What would it cost to get 12 colored hatching eggs shipped to 58048?

    • Hi Laurie! I know for certain I have one green layer… I have some new pullets who will start laying this spring, I don’t know what color they’ll lay. I recall that green egg color is dominant to tan, I do have some unrelated outcrosses this year so hopefully I’ll have the green egg trait back, but of known layers, I only have the one!

      • OK, well if you happen to collect 6 or more green ones, within one week, could you e-mail me with a price + shipping to 58048? I would pay for them right away. My e-mail is
        Also, do you know which hen is laying the green ones? If so, what color is she?

        • Hi Laurie! My green layer is a black hen, sweet girl and steady daily layer, so half dozen in a week won’t be a problem once she starts, even if she ends up being my only greenie again. It’s a pale green but when she starts off it has a heavy black bloom to make it look dark gray, like a cayuga egg, but never as dark as the ones that look like they’ve been colored with a Sharpie.

  33. I am interested in 6 black and white ducklings. I don’t live far from you. I was talking with Al’s Quackery owner but you are much closer to me. When did you say you would have them and can I visit your farm?
    Thank you

    • Lovely! Al’s has nice birds and I appreciate the referral :) I’ve just had the first egg of the season show up over the weekend. Once all the girls get onboard with regular laying I will be setting a clutch in the incubator. Say late March – early April? It should be a bit melted by then ;)

  34. What is the price of your ducklings and when will you take orders? Where did you get your breeding stock from? How long have you been breeding Ancona’s ? How many times do ducks go broody each year? At what age do they start laying? If they start late Sept will that stop for the winter.?
    Thanks I am getting the Storey book and hope to learn lots before getting my kids.

    • Hi Diane! I ask $8 per duckling up to about 2 weeks old (a bit more as they age) and do my best to vent-sex them – I can make a phallus pop out, but I can’t guarantee I can make ALL the phalluses pop out.) I got my foundation stock in 2010 from a combination of eggs off a breeder on ebay, and a handful of birds from Cackle. I’ve been breeding and culling from that line since, and last year I added a drake and hen from two separate lines. I’m planning to add a few more this year from unrelated stock (still making up my mind on from where!) The ducks will go broody any time from spring through the summer once they start laying, but I’ve found my 2-3 year old hens are more inclined to do so than the younger girls. They generally begin to lay at about 6 months of age, but might begin a bit later depending on the weather when they come of age. If they start in late Sept I would expect them to wrap it up between early Dec and mid-Feb., but it might be different for folks who house their birds in a barn at night, or offer supplemental heat. Mine are in a pen with the option to use small shelters, so it’s possible they use more resources to keep warm for a longer part of the winter season. There is also a summer molt when eggs are not produced because feathers are being replaced. I find my girls stagger their molting though, so I am seldom without eggs in that time.

  35. I may be interested in some of your April ducklings. I am getting unsexed this weekend. My goal is 6 ducks and I don’t know how many of what I am getting will be drakes/ducks. I would like genetics from two folks to begin. I am very excited about exploring this breed and hope to have all Black and Whites. I will check back in a couple of weeks with you. Should I call or e-mail?
    Thank you
    Diane Hatfield MA

    • email is great! Where is your first batch coming from? Fingers crossed for lots of girlies in your order :)

      • Al’s Quackery in Saco ME. We go up Sat and meet my sister who lives close to there. We will lunch and then get the babies. I plan to start with black and whites. Later I may branch out to other colors. Have you noticed any health or personality issues in the Blues or Lavender? My ideal starter flock I’d have 6 ducks and 2 drakes between both farms. When will your kids be hatching? I would love to visit (if spring ever comes) :) I would love to talk genetics and make yours as part of my start-up flock! My daughter works out of Gardner so we are not far away. Thank you for helping me get so excited about this new farming adventure.

        • Oh fun! Yes when we have grass again you’ll have to come! I understand you asking about the blues & lavs having differences – I always worry with fancy colors if people are selecting for the color but overlooking less desirable traits. It’s one of the reasons I choose to run my flock mixed instead of divided into color groups. The dilute color birds have the same hatch rate, health, vigor, temperament, and tendency to go broody as the rest. I did have one lovely lavender drake with stunning markings and a very laid-back disposition. Unfortunately he was a bit small, and the babies he produced were even smaller still. It was a hard decision but I had no choice but to replace him. The only difference I have noticed is that lav/lilac tend to have smaller color patches compared to blues, blacks, and chocolates. Combined with feathers getting bleached by sun/weather/age, they can look comparatively naked and plain a few weeks after molting. The blues so far always have reduced foot markings, and the lav/lilac none visible at all. I haven’t hatched a silver yet, which seems odd, but I do have a lot of chocolates. As for hatching – I hope to do so as early in April as I can, but so far only one hen is laying and even so, the egg sometimes freezes!

          • The freeze is not nice and getting boring. I look forward to visiting . The blues and lavenders are not what I want . I want a flock of black and whites. I know Blues in dogs have caused lots of health problems. I am interested in production and temperament then Black and White with good markings.
            Thank you

          • You might get a surprise chocolate somewhere along the line, since drakes can carry it even if they’re phenotypically black. A chocolate drake is nice to have, because paired with a black hen, the offspring will be sex linked: all females chocolate, all males black.

        • oh, and Al’s is awesome :D

          • I am now the proud parent of 8 very messy but VERY cute Ancona ducklings. Time will tell how many boys and girls. I would be still interested in meeting your crew and adding some of your genetics to my flock. Let me know when if spring ever comes. :/

          • Congrats! YES they are messy little dinosaurs. They delight in mayhem! Fingers crossed for lots of girls!

  36. I’m interested in some hatching eggs

  37. Can you email me information on avability of eggs for June 1st? Do you have any adult hens available?

    • Brittany I’m afraid I’m having trouble with Yahoo email addresses, but eggs the first week of june probably won’t be a problem. Late summer to fall is the time to look for adult hens, when I tend to be picking the keepers to breed the following spring. I’m getting my email sorted out and I’ll email you when I do :)

  38. I terested in some ancona ducklings and/ or eggs please.

    • Cathy I’d love to email you but I’m having trouble sending to Yahoo accounts. if you email me a phone number to kim at toadbriar dot com I can call you though!

  39. My son-in-law says I have 7/1 females/males judging by head and feet size. Time will tell. What age do you go to Starter/Grower? When do I stop Brewers yeast? Looking forward to visiting your farm.

    • Metzer Farms has a really good vent sexing demo video, but plenty of folks are understandably squeamish to try :) I’ve gotten decent at it, none of my keepers were surprises last year. Your best bet is to listen to them starting around 2 weeks old – the ones whose voices change first are female. Boys keep their baby peeps for longer. I’ve not tested guesses on feet/heads, but if you’ve got 7/1 favoring girls that’s pretty good luck!

  40. Chasity Canada

    I am interested in some eggs for hatching.

  41. Hi, I’m looking to add some Anconas to my mixed flock, preferably 2 hens and 1 drake, pullets or adults…

    • Day old chicks work too! I’d love to have a Chocolate or blue drake…

      • Mid-late summer through fall is the best time to find quality adult or pullet hens – that’s when I’m eyeballing how the new generation is turning out, mourning the limited capacity of my pen and pond, and beginning to decide who to breed from in the next season. I have a lot of birds carrying chocolate and blue though, so if you’re after youngsters I ought to be able to provide some nice ones. Of course lilac and lavender are just birds who carry chocolate AND blue, so they are fun to breed.

        I’m loading the incubators this week for the first time, so brace yourself :)

    • argh your email bounced :/

  42. Hi my messy little dinosaurs are great fun. I have been reading Dave Holderread’s book on the color patterns and will have to read it about 20 times for it to make sence to me. A neighbor down the road has 2 adults one is Lavendar the other is a crested Black and White. I was surprised how large they get! I know my hoop house will have to be bigger. The Dinosaurs have outgrown 3 housings already. The snow is gone here and they will be able to go out to the protected dog kennel during the day. I need to make a secure pen in the barn for nights so they will come back in for now. Can’t wait to visit your crew and talk ducks.

    • Ah we had such a big melt today. And it rained all day. I can’t wait for the pond to thaw. All the birds are full of beans and looking for trouble. The cold has finally cracked their wading pool beyond repair and they are disconsolate and vengeful. And yes the bird housing has expanded here 3 times in 4 years. It looks like a shanty town made of hardware cloth. Very classy! Can’t wait for it to be sweet and green and pleasant! The ducks will look smaller as soon as you get geese ;)

  43. Hi do you have duckling hatching soon? I will most likely be looking for drakes and maybe 2 females. I would consider juvenile bird in the fall as well. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi! I’m loading the incubator this week, I will have babies in a month and through the summer :) I’ll be glad to place drakes, I always have more (really nice, really pretty) drakes than I know what to do with. If you don’t mind, I’ll add you to my email list.

      • Hi Kim. I would like to come visit you sometime and talk duck breeding and see your flock. My schedule is pretty open.

        • Hey Diane! email me at kim at toadbriar dot com. Once I get through this weekend, mine opens up too.

          • Thanks Kim I will. Been watching the Ancona FB waiting for pictures from you. It is hard to believe that mine were babies only 7 weeks ago. They didn’t really imprint much but do come to a whistle I taught them. They are beautiful ducks. Good Luck with your hatch and I will be in touch.

  44. Would be interested in buying some anconas duck eggs… you have any available for sale?

  45. Hello, we got 2 ducklings from you last May and they are doing great! The hen has started laying eggs, starting March 1st :) We have seen them mate several times and I am wondering how I or my hen would know if the eggs are fertile? I have left the last 4 eggs with her and this morning, 3 out of 4 are in her nest….any info/advice you can give me is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • oh hi, clearly I’m behind on my comments ;) Ducks can hold semen for up to six weeks, so I’d wager they’re fertile even if he wasn’t such an enthusiastic drake. And you know my suggestions: creme brulee, crepes, frozen custard, waffles, pound cake.. ;)

  46. Patricia Goldthwaite

    OMG Ever since I’ve discovered this breed of ducks I’ve been trying to find them. I would be interested in the Box of 20 for hatching. Yous aid $10 for the box what total including shipping or is that included? How do I pay I am setting up an incubator now!! :)

  47. Joanne Masson

    Hi Kim, I got 3 females and a male last summer. They started laying and I took 1 egg to hatch and I got the cutest spotted duck. I cant wait for he/she to get her colors. Thanks

  48. Hi, I was wondering if you have any eggs left that are available. I love this breed and I want to hatch one female for my backyard ( no males ). How much do they cost?

  49. How are those ducklings coming?

  50. My daughter and I are interested in having a pet/egg laying Ancona hen. Can we come to see your flock and talk to you on next weekend? Satureday, May 24th? Thanks.

  51. Hello I wanted to know if you are still sending out hacking eggs I’m waiting on my incubation system to come in next week. And look at July for some eggs. Could you email me. Would love the different colors you have. Thanks

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