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We will be bringing our eclectic mix of art and haberdashery to back-to-back Steampunk festivals this Spring: The Mill City Steampunk Festival in Lowell, Massachusetts (April 30) and the Watch City Steampunk Festival in Waltham, Massachusetts (May 7, Rain date May 8.)

Poster for Mill City Steampunk Festival 2016

At the Mill City Steampunk Festival we’ll be returning to the OtherWhere Market, who is holding The OtherWhere Spring Steam Faire in coordination with the city-wide event. The Spring Steam Faire will be at Mill No. 5, 250 Jackson Street from 12:00pm – 6:00pm on the 30th.

Poster for OtherWhere Spring Steam Faire

We will also be at Mill No. 5 later that evening for An Eventide Social, a steampunk-themed event in celebration of the festival. Steampunk, Victorian, and Edwardian dress is encouraged (though not required!) The Social runs from 7:00PM – 10:00PM and will feature a night market with many of the same vendors from the OtherWhere Spring Steam Faire.

Poster for An Eventide Social 2016

There will also be live music  and thanks to a rare bit of synchronicity, Andy will be performing several sets of 19th century banjo music throughout the day and evening!  He’ll be playing instrumental pieces from the 1850s and 1860s played on a fretless 19th century style instrument, using playing techniques of the period.

Poster for A.N. Chase, Banjoist at the OtherWhere Spring Steam Faire and Eventide Social

The following Saturday we will be at the legendary Watch City Steampunk Festival on the common in Waltham!


Poster for Watch City Steampunk Festival 2016Be sure to follow the respective pages on Facebook for the most up-to-date information:


(Also, check out Andy’s new “official” musician Facebook page – there’s not a lot there right now but it will be kept up to date with any future recordings or events.)

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Every year, when the spring’s ducklings are old enough to go out on the pond, we observe the ritual of going out in the canoe to herd them onto the shore and back to the pen when it starts to get dark. Eventually they learn to put themselves to bed, but they need some encouragement early on.

I finally decided to document this peculiar ceremony for posterity, and when it came time to consider music the choice was obvious: a solo clawhammer style rendition of an old-time instrumental called ‘Ducks on the Pond’.